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Pause until Date/Time

Create a pause after a condition is met. Whether is for 30 seconds or a month.

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I was coming here to request the same. I just wanted to update a Flow to tweet ICYMI links to podcasts at staggered times for the following weeks. I imagine this is one of many possible uses for that function.

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Hi @Anonymous,


We can use pausing for seconds/minutes in flow in below manner: "Initialize Variable" from actions and name it

2. select type of this variable string

2.Select value as "addSeconds" from expression

3.expression/formula for addSeconds should be like this:

      addSeconds(utcnow(), 20) 

4.Select "Delay Until" from actions

5. Add this varaible in delay until.

6.Find Image for details , hope this helps:


Chandrashekhar, Emerson, Pune , India.