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Paypal integration

It would be great to have PayPal (and maybe other payment providers/fintechs) integration in flow, at least as a event source. I want to take actions whenever any transaction happens on my PayPal account, for example to easily automate payment processing for orders i track in CRM.

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Agreed with the post from Feb, 2017


Add Payment Workflows (Actions and Triggers), e.g. PayPal;

Business Cases:

1. As described above. Trigger when specified Paypal (client) account adds a new transaction. e.g. received new purhase of goods or services.

a. Action: add to eMail list of purhases (records/rows) for future contact with customer. (export to Excel), or database.

b. Action: Filtering by Transaction Name and/or monetary value of transaction.

-- with transactional spreadsheet in hands (e.g. containing client email, purchase $, name of transaction), able to send client emails, periodically, (of course with opt out link). 

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PayPal invoicing FTW.  It would incredibly valuable to be able to create a new invoice from Flow.

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I would like to create a flow that generates a thank you email when a payment has been made.

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You can create a flow that generates an email when a payment has been made via PayPal.  It's currently possible to do so using an HTTP trigger in your flow and configuring PayPal's instant payment notificaiton (IPN) system to call your trigger.  PayPal passes the transaction details to your trigger, and you can include the action to send an email in your flow.


The following step by step guide shows how to configure PayPal's IPN and create the flow which includes sending an email to the purchaser along with saving transaction details to SharePoint.

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PayPal & Braintree are no harder than Stripe. I wish they would integrate so coding would be simpler. Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, etc. are worth looking into too, if you want to tap into the money flowing from every university in the nation. 

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Hello, hoping that this post could be relevant to this thread. We, at, have come up with couple of connectors for PayPal integration and currently working on getting them certified by Microsoft. If interested please explore Your feedback is welcome. Appreciate any evaluators to help enhance our connectors. Thanks