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People Picker input

We really need the People Picker as an input option for flows. Users can type in emails separated by a semicolon in a text input but this is not validated and presents a poor experience for users.
Status: New

Scenario:  I have a SharePoint list with a column  ("Approver") that is a "People or Group" data type and allows multiple selections (multiple approvers).  In out-of-box SharePoint form I'm able to easily search the person in my Org and add multiple individuals.   However, when I customize the SharePoint form with Power App via "Customize Forms", the "Approver" field in the Power App form is displayed as a drop down control. 


Problem:  The Power App form does not display the People Picker control.  Also, there is no manual workaround, with no People Picker input control that allows me to replace the drop down control.


End User Pain Point:  The user is required to manually type the full name of the Approver [ and possibly e-mail address], since this is manual effort, there is a high likelihood the name / email could be spelled incorrectly and will not route / email to the correct person.


Please advise, thanks.