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Permanent variable

I want to use the variable between some Flows,
to handle changes the value between flows.
- Notify when the variable has changed since the last time
- Share when the variable has changed greatly since the last time
- Calculate the min, max, average this month


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And not sure if this is in other places, but to run a polling (or schedule) and pick the items that are > than the value of the stored variable.  This is done in Mulesoft very well where we can store the max() of the current result set and store that for the next polling and utilize that in the query for the next set of items.

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Hi @bjones , thank you for comment.


Add my thoughts,

I want to just some variables, not database and share the Flow to others.

currently, we can use many products to store data, OneDrive, SharePoint Azure Blob Storage, and so on. but, Hard to share the Flow which use just only few variables to everyone. That is why, I want the permanent variables.