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Person or Group field in item should support multiple values readable in flow


now the flow can read Person or Group field only with single person details. If its set for multiple values, the flow return null.

Would be better to read multiple values (emails for us) for case if we need to use this field for approval email on more persons.


If its problem to return all information about multiple persons, you can use setting from field, accordit what filde (ID, email, Department) will be the main, for reading in flow.


Thank you

Status: Completed

We now support multiple-valued Person and Choice fields, read more here:

Level: Powered On

Hello. The solution noted only lets me send emails individually rather than as one email to all "claims" individuals. It is causing me repeat emails because I have multiple columns with people to assign (ex. Assigned to, Impacted). I have tried using a semicolon or enter to place multiple users in one claims field but it comes back null. Any help would be appreciated!