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Person or Group field in item should support multiple values readable in flow


now the flow can read Person or Group field only with single person details. If its set for multiple values, the flow return null.

Would be better to read multiple values (emails for us) for case if we need to use this field for approval email on more persons.


If its problem to return all information about multiple persons, you can use setting from field, accordit what filde (ID, email, Department) will be the main, for reading in flow.


Thank you

Status: Completed

We now support multiple-valued Person and Choice fields, read more here:

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I also need this very much!


Being able to get data from a multiple choice field and populate it into an email would be golden.

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Started
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Now that this feature is classified as started, do we know a rough timeframe on when this functionality will be ready and rolled out to existing Flow and SharePoint customers? 

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yes.. its very usefull if we get all detail (ID, DisplayName, Department etc..)

I am trying to Update the UserID to another Table but its give only following data:Capture1.PNG


i am very happy if we get the user ID also..


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 The Q3 announcement makes mention that the multi-value fields should now be available for use in a Flow.  I just tried in our tenant, and my flows continue to fail if I try to send emails to a People field with multiple values.  Any update on when we can expect to see this in our own tenants?