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Person or Group field in item should support multiple values readable in flow


now the flow can read Person or Group field only with single person details. If its set for multiple values, the flow return null.

Would be better to read multiple values (emails for us) for case if we need to use this field for approval email on more persons.


If its problem to return all information about multiple persons, you can use setting from field, accordit what filde (ID, email, Department) will be the main, for reading in flow.


Thank you

Status: Completed

We now support multiple-valued Person and Choice fields, read more here:

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I recommended my business stakeholders to use the Microsoft Forms for customer RSVP. They need this information recorded in SharePoint. I went with Flow connectors and sample works fine. We created a actual form with all different fields (Sinle line text, radio buttons and Checkbox list) then I failed to create a flow as it doesn`t populate the multi-select choice fields. It sounds very sad it is not supported basic columns. They finally end up with choosing different product and increased budget than estimated.


Please add this features asap to continue using all business apps.

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So, it looks like this works...sort of....Flow insists on adding a for-each loop everytime a multi value field is referenced. For example, if you have a multi value field of people that you'd like to send an email to, it'll support that just fine.




If you'd like the body of that email to contain the names of individuals in another multi-value field, Flow forces you to have a second nested for-each loop, resulting in N-squared emails being sent. *sigh*

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Hi Eric,


thats great, i will test it, but need to see if I can update a list field which is multiple value person field.


regarding your observation of n-squared emails, you can still have a workaround, i have done it one of my flow. I dont know how to attach a file here!.


basically you initialize a global array variable and in the SEt array variable step, you will get to enter the multiple value person field. it will automatically put it in 'apply to each' loop. in the same look, you then add another 'apply to each' loop and give the array variable as input (which has only multiple person field values) and use compose action to concat the email address with ';'. this one doesnt need HTTP REST call. 


similar to the blog i have posted above.





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Unfortunately because of this I still have a bug where I have a SharePoint list with a multi-choice field and it doesn't show up in Flow to update that field. Because of that I can't use the update item trigger at all even if I'm not trying to set the field because it returns an error that it can't be evaluated setting an array as the value -_-. Please fix this asap

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Any updates on this point ? Do we know when it's gonna be working ?

I need to be able to fill a multiple person field with my flow and from what I understand, it's not possible yet.



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I need this too and plus there incompatibilies between sharepoint designer 2013 workflows and O365 so I cannot even do a work around it.

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This is a critical feature for flows and Powerapps. We need to be able to update and create items with Multi-Select fields, including managed metadata. Our only alternative right now if we were to continue using FLOW would be to change the structure of our data into yes/no options for every available choice, which is a terrrible user & management experience.


Is there a status update as to the expected release of a fix?

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How long should it take to have the basic functionality of SharePoint compatible with the new features MS is coming out with? This pattern of development is getting REALLY old. 

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Hello, I do it with IFTTT free feature for my kids home-automation since 3 years. When can we get it for work in microsoft environment? 

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desperately eager for this feature