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Person or Group field in item should support multiple values readable in flow


now the flow can read Person or Group field only with single person details. If its set for multiple values, the flow return null.

Would be better to read multiple values (emails for us) for case if we need to use this field for approval email on more persons.


If its problem to return all information about multiple persons, you can use setting from field, accordit what filde (ID, email, Department) will be the main, for reading in flow.


Thank you

Status: Completed

We now support multiple-valued Person and Choice fields, read more here:

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Following this thread, so to find out when this is fullt developed.

I have a people picker field with multiple values allowed in it, and I want my flow to send an email to all the selected people/group.

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facing exactly same issue and it is stopping my work to create a flow... hoping to get this fixed asap.

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Can't wait to get this feature!

Frequent Visitor's going on almost 9 months since this went into a planned state, and nearly a year since it was first proposed. Any updates on when this will roll???

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You guys have already solved for this with the "Attendees" field in an Outlook event, so why can't we add multiple values to a Person or Group field in a SharePoint list?

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I need to be able to set a multiple selection Choice field in SharePoint based on Salesforce data and this is really necessary for our process.

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probably this workaround can help. please read this article.



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I need to be able to get the values from a field with multiple values selected to copy into another list and/or emails.  Please add this functionality!!! 

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I don't understand how this isn't a feature, and it's just thrown my whole project off. 

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It's very frustrating not beeing able to create/update sharepoint fields with multi selection allowed....

I hope it will be realease very soon !