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Personal "Copy and Paste Library"

I would love to have a "Copy and Paste" library that would save out to my personal flow dashboard so I could create my own templates for actions and/or triggers and then paste them into multiple flows.


I find myself making the exact same modifications to actions in multiple flows, or copying an action from one flow to another.  This would be a huge time saver.

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Hi @towerbe 

Whilst there is currently no personal template functionality within Flow you can create a library of common actions in a word editor e.g. OneNote.

When you use the Copy to Clipboard function on a Flow action, it is possible to paste this into OneNote/Notepad etc as a block of text. If you later copy this text to your clipboard, click in your Flow to add a new action, select the Clipboard tab and then press Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste, you will see that the action is added into Flow ready to be used.

If you have large sections of a Flow that you want to store as a template, simply add them all into a single Scope action and copy the Scope to your clipboard.


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Hello, @LeeHarris 


This is exactly what I do now.  Not as convenient as having it built into the web client, but it does work.  Thanks for the suggestion.