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Philips Hue Integration

Add integration with Philips Hue.

Status: New
New Member

We really need this to make Flow reach into the physical world!

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Would be great to have this, as IFTT already has this connector. 

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Indeed, I think this should be a given. I want to demonstrate the power of Flow to colleagues and leadership. No better way to do than to be able to visualize something in the physical world. I can have my wireless Hue Go light change colors as part of Flow actions. It has been several months since the original post. There should be a voting section of this community so we can push forward the Connectors we want. As stated in another post, IFTTT has connectors. I am using those in conjunction with Adafruit IO at home to change the color of my Hue lights based on my own IoT sensors. It is powerful. Why is IFTTT so far ahead of the game?

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Any update on where this idea is at in the pipeline? It is a basic connector that many services use, I would have thought that it would be an easy implementation. We need to bridge the digital and physical worlds. I am now having to use a personal IFTTT account for what should be built into the tools that I have at work and I don't like that at all. I need to make lights blink and change colors when new tickets arrive. Seems straightforward.

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Is anyone looking at Microsoft looking at this? A response would be nice. Where is this on the ole Kanban board?
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Nice idea, would use!

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I would love an integration between Hue and Outlook 365. I would want my lights to turn red during the time I have an event on my calendar.

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Would love this connecter too, then I can get rid of my ifttt, and use Flow.

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Given the remote working mandate most of the world is living with now this is more of a NEED than a nice to have. Notifying other family members when you are engaged on a business call would be certainly a boost in productivity and minimize interruption in this new normal we live in!

Advocate I

I came here because i wanted to use one of my hue bulbs as a busy indicator to let family know when I'm on a call. It looks like it can be done with powershell and so I think now it's a matter of "just" creating some webhooks.