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Photo file service - to get informations like location , taken date, creator

I want to get informations from Photo file,

like the location, taken date, creator name.


Photo can have location/date/etc infomations as Exif format.


My scenario:

- When persons take photos, upload the photo to OneDrive,

  Microsoft Flow get decription, tags of the photo,

  get location, taken date, creator, ... of the photo,

  save these information with photo to SharePoint list,

  and view these photo on map.



Yoshihiro Kawabata

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This is a realy usefull function. I am working on a solution where i add metadata to images and then be able to search images from the tags in the metadata.

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I am interested in getting the EXIF data when an image is loaded into PowerApps and then use that to store that photo and image metadata (EXIF) in the data source so the users don't have to type it in manually.

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With Microsoft removing the native EXIF extraction that so many of us relied on its insane that they offered no alternative to do this using something like Flow. Please give us this ability as EXIF data can be extremely important for many different workflows most companies use. 

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"All roads lead to Rome"

There are also 3rd party apps that provide this functionality (e.g. SLIM Companion Explorer). The image metadata (e.g. EXIF, XMP, IPTC, ..) is extracted during uploading and captured into SharePoint columns. There is also support for the Location field in SharePoint. By combining the location details with a bing map intuitive solutions can offered to users.

Below a screenshot of a picture library in SharePoint Online. The images are uploaded in bulk, metadata is automatically extracted and the location field is populated to allow visualisation on a Bing map.



The advantage of an app is that it can be deployed to many lists at the same time. The costs for the 3rd party apps also need to be taken into account. This also applies to power automate based solutions that may require users to purchase additional licenses to use power automate..


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I've just published a blog in which I have shared what I consider to be a super awesome flow in addition to a Power App that showcases how to surface loads of EXIF metadata and actually a lot more metadata pertaining to numerous file types for that matter.


Whilst there are licensing considerations for consuming the flow, the flow is exceedingly reusable as the library being queried is an input parameter to the Flow. Thus from a licensing perspective you could "possibly" leverage the "Per flow plan" licensing plan however I'd recommend confirming that with your Microsoft licensing representative!

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Cool solution. Nice example of combining creativity with Power Automate.


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Thanks @Paul-SLIM . 


A week subsequent to that blog I published a follow-up blog how to accomplish exactly the same but this time using the SharePoint Graph v2 Drive Items API. I was even surprised I was able to (within a week) produce near identical output from the Power Automate flow despite using a completely new technique.


"One day" I hope to post a 3rd blog wherein I demonstrate how to apply filters to either of the 2 Power Automate flows showcased in each of the 2 blog posts. Whilst working on each of the 2 techniques I did some testing wrt filtering the result sets I was incredibly impressed with the potential type of fully delegable filters that can be applied and passed into each of the flows whether that be folder, date range, multiple filters etc. There were some variances between what the RenderListDataAsStream API and the Graph v2 APIs can and can't do. However I would need to do a lot more testing before posting a blog that "might" not be the right guidance. 


@yoshihirok - This functionality will almost certainly never be built into Power Apps natively. It's too complex, the potential for some aspects of the schema I defined in the Response step of either flow can (and will) occasionally change, different metadata information can be exposed depending on the library being queried and furthermore extending it to enable filtering and sorting regardless of the technique used does not follow similar type of functionality currently natively implemented in Power Apps.


Whilst the flows I can shared on each of the blogs can be enriched to include additional columns added to any given library, automating that natively in Power Apps would be near impossible. It's not's a Power App feature request - it would "have" to be implemented natively in SharePoint (and it won't be for understandably good reasons).


The best you could do is loop through the result set exposed in either of the 2 flows and within the loop update columns added to the library you'd like to thereafter be exposed in your Power App, perhaps with a flag "Yes" or "No" Text column to make it delegable indicating whether or not that metadata had be updated in a previous flow run in order to avoid all files in the library's metadata to be updated with each flow run. If however you did this, you would likely need to duplicate the flow per library you wanted to do this for or alternatively really get to know the RenderListDataAsStream API in order to then make it a reusable flow!


That's coming from a SharePoint MCSM 🙃


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Extracting EXIF metadata from SharePoint

Showcase of a solution that requires nothing more than native SharePoint out-the-box features / capabilities. i.e. a zero code & a zero Power Automate flow solution.