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Photo file service - to get informations like location , taken date, creator

I want to get informations from Photo file,

like the location, taken date, creator name.


Photo can have location/date/etc infomations as Exif format.


My scenario:

- When persons take photos, upload the photo to OneDrive,

  Microsoft Flow get decription, tags of the photo,

  get location, taken date, creator, ... of the photo,

  save these information with photo to SharePoint list,

  and view these photo on map.



Yoshihiro Kawabata

Status: New
Level: Power Up

This is a realy usefull function. I am working on a solution where i add metadata to images and then be able to search images from the tags in the metadata.

Level: Powered On

I am interested in getting the EXIF data when an image is loaded into PowerApps and then use that to store that photo and image metadata (EXIF) in the data source so the users don't have to type it in manually.

Level: Power Up

With Microsoft removing the native EXIF extraction that so many of us relied on its insane that they offered no alternative to do this using something like Flow. Please give us this ability as EXIF data can be extremely important for many different workflows most companies use. 

Level: Power Up

"All roads lead to Rome"

There are also 3rd party apps that provide this functionality (e.g. SLIM Companion Explorer). The image metadata (e.g. EXIF, XMP, IPTC, ..) is extracted during uploading and captured into SharePoint columns. There is also support for the Location field in SharePoint. By combining the location details with a bing map intuitive solutions can offered to users.

Below a screenshot of a picture library in SharePoint Online. The images are uploaded in bulk, metadata is automatically extracted and the location field is populated to allow visualisation on a Bing map.



The advantage of an app is that it can be deployed to many lists at the same time. The costs for the 3rd party apps also need to be taken into account. This also applies to power automate based solutions that may require users to purchase additional licenses to use power automate..