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Pictures in Repeating Tables While Using Flow to Populate a Word Document Template

I have been running into an issue that I have not been able to find an answer to. I have many projects open right now that requires me to have flow populate various word document templates. Most of these projects require having pictures attached in the document. Lately I have had to statically assign places for the pictures to go to but this requires me to estimate how many pictures will be added. I know we can use the repeating table function for string inputs but if you through a picture content control in the repeating table flow will no longer recognize that as a field. 

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Yes, is there any plan to add this functionality to the Word connector? I'm also trying to create a report using tables with a dynamic number of rows, with each row having a photo. Alternatively, are there other potential ways of editing tables in Word via PowerAutomate?

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We need this functionality!!

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I have also hit a wall regarding this feature. I could do this via HTML, but conversion to Word and PDF, seems to be very problematic too.