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Pipedrive Contacts sync with Office 365 Outlook

It would be great to be able to sync contacts between Office 365 Outlook and Pipedrive.  Ideally triggers / actions would allow for Flows that can support a 2-way sync such that contacts added/updated/deleted in either application sync to the other, but I certainly would appreciate starting with just a sync from Outlook to PIpedrive in the beginning.


Keep the improvements coming.

Status: New
New Member

I so wish this integration happens really soon. I am using Pipedrive for a long time and have started using Office 365 only recently. I always feel 2-way sync between these two would have made things really easy for me. 


Until that happens, I am using a third-party integration tool, that lets me integrate Pipedrive and Office 365 Outlook seamlessly. Since there is no coding involved and is easy to set up in a few minutes, I think this is the best alternative we have. I can automatically update contacts in Pipedrive from a new email or vice-versa, modify contacts, and add activities in Pipedrive. 


Ofcourse there is nothing like having native integration options but using is a good alternative in this situation. 😊