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Planner Action - copy existing Planner task template with checklists etc as new task

The scenario is for a repeating process/document management application like CPA or legal office, where a set of documents can trigger a Planner task be copied/renamed from attributes from trigger action.. For example a task template with built-on checklist, other attributes, that could be copied and renamed, and deployed homogenously over a series of tasks in a similar process.
Status: New
New Member

I would like this functinality to create a reocurring planner task with checklists and all. Reoccurrence is arleady a feature request, but is getting no traction from MS.

New Member

Very much needed.  Many tasks follow a repeatable defined job process, including checklists.

Frequent Visitor

also need this function

Regular Visitor

This should be a high priority, with the ability to create a task but not add checklist or copy a task template that does have checklist the programtic creation doesn't save much time.