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Planner - Action for Exporting Plans



Currently, there are several attempts by the community to export plans with Planner tasks. And all of them, basically, seek to capture the value of each field individually. However, all these initiatives come up against restrictions, whether from inaccessible fields, for example, the "Labels" and "Priority" fields; or even scale, which prevents the export of more tasks.


Considering this scenario, I believe that it would be much simpler to create an action, for Power Automate, that would allow you to export the task plan to some location, such as to a spreadsheet in OneDrive or to a list in SharePoint, for example.


In the planner, there is already an option that allows you to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet. Thus, I believe that this can be a facilitator for the development of this automation, in Power Automate.


I believe this would be a major step forward.


I am available to help with whatever I can.

Status: New
New Member

Great idea. The simpler and easier it is to incorporate a solution such as this into PA, the more people will use PA as a useful workflow tool.