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Planner Comment - Assigned ID notifications only

I would  like to have a flow where ONLY those assigned to the task receive email notification that a comment has been made. 

Currently, we and those assigned have to go sift through many emails to find if a comment has been made on that particular task, and or have to go through multiple Planner tasks. 


I notice a number of questions have been asked around this flow - some dating to 2018. So would no doubt be a priority and assist with flow of business. 😀



Status: New
New Member

I just started using Planner within Teams and this is a no-brainer. Without this ability, this is really quite painful. I am effectively commenting to myself without the task owner knowing it unless they happened to have commented previously. The logic here is flawed. I would think anyone assigned to the task would get the comment but that is not how it is working. Please release something to fix this. It is pretty useless otherwise.