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Planner - Get more task details

it would be grate to implement the following Planner task information


  • completed by Username (the User who checked the task)
  • task link (hyperlink to plannertask)
  • assigned to (which users are assigned to the task)
Status: New
Level: Powered On

Please implement something to retrieve Bucket name from a workflow! Right now we only have an option to get the ID value. 


Thank you! 

Level: Powered On

@rafaelbenicio - I think this is already possible - I use the Action "List Buckets" and the output of that includes the Bucket names.


You could possibly combine that with a filter in some way... (I'm no expert!)

Level: Powered On

@rafaelbenicio @Walker - It is. List tasks and list buckets. While iterating through each task, iterate through each bucket and then check if the bucket of the task matches the current bucket. Then just set that to a variable. If you only have one task just list buckets and iterate through until you find a match. It get's pretty expensive when you have a lot of buckets and a lot of tasks though so adding a easier way would definitely help. 

If we can have the progress stages via get more task details that would be great!! 


Any progress on this at all? Seems like this has been around for some time now. 

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@Basic_User007 & @JoshL 


It's not working for me! The workflow is supposed to fill some details such as Bucket name, whoever completed the task, etc to a list on SP.  Unfortunately, the workflow is still not getting the "completed by" option.