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Planner - Get more task details

it would be grate to implement the following Planner task information


  • completed by Username (the User who checked the task)
  • task link (hyperlink to plannertask)
  • assigned to (which users are assigned to the task)
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Hello, can we get a assigned to field with get task/get task details action. There is a assigned to field in Create task action, it doesnt make sense to me that its not included in other task related actions in ms planner connector.


My goal is to have a flow that sends an email or teams msg to assigned user (preferably users).

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Please expose the Assigned User ID via the Get Task and List Tasks actions. It would be useful to create a simple reporting logic via Excel or Sharepoint.

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It would be great also if we could get task buckets and labels also
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It would be good to get tasks details and updates copied across to task in another planner 

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This is highly needed and seems a big oversight. I can populate the assignment when creating the task through flow, but I cannot read it back? Please add this functionality! 

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I totally agree. Who a task is assigned to is very important information.

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Yup - another vote for this - seems fairly self-evident why this would be useful.


TO provide an example, I'd like to make a flow that identifies where a task has accidentally not been assigned to anyone, using a condition along the lines of:-




...And then auto-assign it to whoever created it, so they can then have another go at assigning it to whoever they intended.



EDIT - found it:-





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The Planner integration with Flow is currently woefully lacking with many of the key attributes e.g.  "assigned to" not being available with  "new task created" trigger. I really wonder how much thought went into this process from the MS side when an absolute key field attribute is forgotten to be enabled.

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Totally agree! This is highly needed! The "assigned to" field is a must in the "valueItem"  of the "ListTasks_Response" 

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We need checklists and conversations.