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Planner - Get more task details

it would be grate to implement the following Planner task information


  • completed by Username (the User who checked the task)
  • task link (hyperlink to plannertask)
  • assigned to (which users are assigned to the task)
Status: Under Review

We will look at enhancing this connector - but this connector is open source which means that anyone can contribute to it and add the capabilities. See more here:

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 @Walker I have the same issue can you look to my issue here.


thanks in advance

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Please add this.

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I'd like to be able to get task attachments.

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I'm working on a Planner-based report and I'm not sure if I will be able to move forward with Planner implementation at work without this...

Please help with pushing this through.
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I just created a Power App that kicks off a Flow and also adds a task to a Planner.  I want to email the end user with a link to the Planner Task.  I guess there is no way to do this currently?  Or can I get the ID of the task and concat it to our standard URL?



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To build the whole URL, I think you also need the Group URL and the plan name.

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To recap, what's currently missing and we all need:

  • assigned to (note: it might be cool te be able to run over all tasks assigned to a specific person, not just "me")
  • bucket (I want some way to iterate over the tasks in a bucket, at the least)
  • progress (strangely, there is a field "percentage complete" present, but it's not clear how that maps to the fields in a task)
  • checklist
  • URL

For clarity's sake: it's relevant to have these fields readable, writable, and probably also as triggers (when one of them changes; this also goes for the other fields, by the way)



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It's almost useless without "Assiged to id". Please add this! 

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I need the "Assigned To" information for reporting, otherwise, I can only capture the first person the item was assigned to and my report is constantly out of date.

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I posted how to get assigned to user here:



You can get he bucket ID from iterating through each task and then iterating through each bucket for every task until the buckets match. Save that in a variable and now you have your Bucket. Either that, or you can hard code bucket IDs in your flow to help with performance. 




Progress is mapped to the progress state as far as I'm aware. So form 0 to 50 to 100. I don't think that it gives a percentage based on the checklist. 



You can get who completed a task easily using the completed by ID requesting user profile information with the "Get user profile V2" action. You then have access to that user's details.  



You can actually generate links to each task. The plan IDs and task IDs are both avaliable from the normal importing options.[companysite]/en-US/Home/Planner#/plantaskboard?groupId=[groupid]&planId=[planid]&taskId=[taskid]