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Planner - Get more task details

it would be grate to implement the following Planner task information


  • completed by Username (the User who checked the task)
  • task link (hyperlink to plannertask)
  • assigned to (which users are assigned to the task)
Status: New
Frequent Visitor

@murrah , if you develop your solution by using a unique service account which triggers the flows in response to actions taken by all your userbase then you can save up costs by running it all through there. You would just need to lincense one user (your service account) and develop your flows for this account only. The triggers used should be applied to plans globally, so that would mean using triggers of the likes of "When a task is created", etc. Hope this helps.

Regular Visitor

It would be nice to have all the parent info available to the trigger "When a task is assigned to me" like GroupID, and then a means to lookup the Group Name to be able to provide a user with complete information when notified of being assigned to a task in Planner

Super User III

Is there a way to get task priority and progress as well using flow?

New Member

I miss these fields from the planner connector "List tasks":


Progress, Priority, Late, Completed by, Description (it is inside get task details), Checklist items, labels. These are all part of the exported version if I use the manual method in planner (Click on 3 dots a task > Copy Task > Choose the new name and location > Copy).

Advocate II

Any news on when this is coming.  I thought I'd managed to get Assigned To displaying in the "Daily Digest" template for Planner but it only works if the tasks contain an Assignment now.  Anything which isn't assigned is now just ignore - which isn't super helpful.  Given the number of votes this suggestion has it would be good to get an update.

Regular Visitor

It would be very useful to get the task URL when getting task details. I need to link several tasks and currently the only option I can find is doing this manually for each task.

Advocate I

It will be good to have ALL task informations that are missing : 

- Labels, 

- Checklists, 

- Comments, including Who does the comment and the timestamp of the comment.

- Last update timestamp