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Planner Link to Document for review or approval

I'd like to be able to assign planner tasks via Flow, related to documents in a SharePoint library.

For example, when a document gets added to a library, Flow does let me use an action that creates a task in Planner, but there's no way to automatically associate the task with that document.  There's an Attachments -> Link field in a task, but no way to write to it via Flow.  I tried adding the hyperlink via Flow, in the description field, but it doesn't render as a hyperlink on the page, and it doesn't take HTML formatting.  

Also, can you add a Flow action that Creates a Bucket in Planner as well?


I have a customer who thinks they want to use MS Project for just having documents go through an approval process and tracking all the tasks in a central place. Planner is SO close to fulfilling most of these requirements (instead of overkill with MS Project)

Status: New