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Planner - List Labels in Plan and tasks in label

It would be great to have an action to list all labels in a plan and another to list all tasks under a label.


Another way this could work is to have triggers that would fire when a label is assigned/removed

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I'd like both the ability to view all labels in a plan and a trigger when a label is changed.

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It sure would. Planner labels could be used as #hashtags and made it easier for search for a task in Teams. 

- Geir

New Member

I have created a flow - "Create planner tasks for specific subject filtered Office 365 emails" 


When identifying the name of the sender, I would love to be able to assign this to a label.


- Minty

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We need to be able to interact with the Checklist, both in terms of grabbing the Checklist of a Task, adding new checklist items, deleting checklist items, modifying them, etc, etc, etc ...

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Agree with @Eliot  totally.


In fact there should also be timestamps of when a checklist item was ticked off - at least it wouldn't be difficult to capture that metadata.

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1st request is dated April 2018 !!! Microsoft, please update, this would be a huge feature !