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Planner - List Labels in Plan and tasks in label

It would be great to have an action to list all labels in a plan and another to list all tasks under a label.


Another way this could work is to have triggers that would fire when a label is assigned/removed

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I'd like both the ability to view all labels in a plan and a trigger when a label is changed.

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It sure would. Planner labels could be used as #hashtags and made it easier for search for a task in Teams. 

- Geir

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I have created a flow - "Create planner tasks for specific subject filtered Office 365 emails" 


When identifying the name of the sender, I would love to be able to assign this to a label.


- Minty

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We need to be able to interact with the Checklist, both in terms of grabbing the Checklist of a Task, adding new checklist items, deleting checklist items, modifying them, etc, etc, etc ...

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Agree with @Eliot  totally.


In fact there should also be timestamps of when a checklist item was ticked off - at least it wouldn't be difficult to capture that metadata.

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1st request is dated April 2018 !!! Microsoft, please update, this would be a huge feature !



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One more vote for access to labels of Task from flows.


In my case the need is to trigger notifications directed to different users when Task has been marked with particular label

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Excel to Planner is just awful.  The Bucket ID workarounds are clunky, and we still can't get any functionality with labels.  Hello!? All of the filtering criteria should be accessible in Power Auotmate!