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Planner Task Complete Trigger - possibility to choose multiple/all Planner Plans

When setting up a Flow with a Planner Task Complete trigger the user can choose a single Planner Plan. In case he has multiple plans, the user is forced to create multiple almost identical flows. It would be easier if the Trigger could work on multiple (or all) user Planner Plans.

Status: New
New Member

Adding my own use case to this:


We will have a separate Plan for onboarding each new customer. They will likely have some naming schema such as Customer123 #Onboarding. We'll have a Template Plan that we'll copy to create each of these Plans, and we will use Power Automate to dynamically set due dates based on when the first task is completed.


We really don't want to have to copy the flow for each customer, especially when it will probably only run one time per plan.

Regular Visitor

This would be a rather useful feature to have.