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Planner Trigger: When a task is modified

Currently there are only three triggers for Planner, when a task is created, completed, or assigned to me.


The most powerfull trigger would be:

When a task is modified!

Afterwards with conditions you would not even need the two triggers for "completed", or "assigned to me".


All attributes of Planner tasks should be available in Flow, of course...

Status: New

Need this feature badly - Trigger for modified task

Advocate I

Adding to the list of must-have triggers! This not existing yet is leading to some very inefficient flows that have to loop through all tasks of a plan instead of just those with changes. Possibly I'm missing something, but this seems like a straightforward addition and what should be a standard option when using Planner with Power Automate

New Member

Completely agree! We are trying to trigger when a task is moved to a different bucket.

New Member

It would be useful to have a trigger for when a task is assigned to a user. 

New Member

Please provide this trigger, it will be very useful.

New Member

Hi, I also badly need this trigger... Thanks

New Member

It is a disaster that no one have seen or neither assessed this one in 3 years now! 

Regular Visitor

Please, implement "When Planner Task is modified or updated"

New Member

a trigger "Task priority has been changed/increased" .. 

New Member

Yes, we need this to inform or trigger other activities based task being modified instead of just when created or completed.