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Planner Trigger: When a task is modified

Currently there are only three triggers for Planner, when a task is created, completed, or assigned to me.


The most powerfull trigger would be:

When a task is modified!

Afterwards with conditions you would not even need the two triggers for "completed", or "assigned to me".


All attributes of Planner tasks should be available in Flow, of course...

Status: Under Review

Hi everyone, the Power Automate team has updated this idea to 'Under Review'.


Please note that the Planner connector is open source. Has anyone had any success with the Planner API?

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We are still in desperate need of a Task-is-modified trigger. 

This thread was started almost 2,5 years ago now.  Can someone @microsoft please give some information on the status?


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I see this is still being ignored by MS.


I was thinking... for Project Online we can find the tasks as rows in Project Tasks (msdyn_projecttask) table of MS Dataverse and there is a trigger "When a row is added, modified or deleted", which exactly does what we need here.


I can't find where Planner Tasks are stored? Maybe same approach could be taken? Any ideas?

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Planner remains largely ineffective for my team's purposes as long as this feature (or just better notification settings within Planner) is missing.

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This is badly needed!

Should have a sub level to determine what change shall trigger the flow. 

--> task assigned to (anybody, not only myself), change in progress (any, not only completed), change in dates, comments, and so on ... and finally the "all of the above" button!

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MS please add this trigger NOW ! 

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Please add this!

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This is a very important feature, please prioritize!  It can't be effectively worked around using PowerAutomate and is really a core feature to make planner a serious product for management.

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I'll echo the same sentiments.  We have several teams that WANT to use Planner, but because there is no effective notification that we can trigger with automate for when it's updated, when a task changes buckets, any way to go back and update the sharepoint list, etc....they won't go all in.  Please bump this on your priority list! 

Status changed to: Completed
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@AnnaG This solution is only when a task is completed.  What is needed is a trigger for when a task is modified.  Currently planner will notify a user that there have been changes to tasks but there is no way to know which of the tasks has been modified and by whom.