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Planner Trigger: When a task is modified

Currently there are only three triggers for Planner, when a task is created, completed, or assigned to me.


The most powerfull trigger would be:

When a task is modified!

Afterwards with conditions you would not even need the two triggers for "completed", or "assigned to me".


All attributes of Planner tasks should be available in Flow, of course...

Status: New
New Member

Hi All, 


Is there something about this trigger ? 

I think what is needed mostly is the "When Planner Task is modified or updated" whatever the field of the task.


Many thanks for answer.




Frequent Visitor

This seems like it would have been the very first trigger created after when a task is created.

New Member

This trigge is one of the most important triggers? Any idea about the timeline?

Frequent Visitor

what is usually time when MS adding new solutions ? This is an essential. 

New Member

We need this ASAP

Regular Visitor

this is a very much needed trigger to work fluidly and on a proper way with planner! Im in the need to update my sharepoint list everytime the planner task progress changes but its been IMPOSSIBLE!

New Member

any timeline for this? it's really an important feature!

Regular Visitor

This would be a major improvement to the planner tool 

New Member

I've just started exploring the option of moving from Excel in to a Planner / Sharepoint List with MS Flow handling the workflow. I was just as surprised as all of you appear to be that such an obvious trigger is missing in Planner. Having a trigger for when a Planner task is modified would allow us to:

 - Update the progress status in the corresponding task in a Sharepoint List

 - Update fields such as start date and due date, and amend comment logs in the SP list (such as 'user amended the due date', or 'task was reassigned by xxx').

 - Trigger custom email events where needed

 - Track events such as the user deleting a task, renaming it, or moving it in to a different bucket.

Hopefully MS adds this soon, seems like such a big opportunity missed to not have this trigger.