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Planner Trigger: When a task is modified

Currently there are only three triggers for Planner, when a task is created, completed, or assigned to me.


The most powerfull trigger would be:

When a task is modified!

Afterwards with conditions you would not even need the two triggers for "completed", or "assigned to me".


All attributes of Planner tasks should be available in Flow, of course...

Status: New
New Member

This is currently one of the most important missing trigger for planner in power automate...

Frequent Visitor

I'm surprised this trigger is missing while "When a task is completed" exists. 

Regular Visitor

This trigger would really be useful for our business, I thought it was an obvious trigger to have. 

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Would really appreciate it, if the trigger would be available.


We aren't able to implement a workaround, because in the Graph API the modifiedDate is missing as well... In a Planner you can see it.

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So far no news on this...😣

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Great, I´m looking forward for this.

Any update? 

I would like to update a Sharepoint List field when a task moved from one bucket to another.

Thank you.

New Member

This is not getting the required attention. Iam starting own company based on solutions integrated with planner, but this one is the turn-off for my business idea..


This is actually very important. Many people leave flow and planner without mentioning it anywhere.


DEV, please update us with this one. Shouldnt be very complicated

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Desperately need this trigger! For us this is a must-have for using Planner.

New Member

This is seriously needed!

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This is seriously needed!