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Planner attach document from Outlook email

I noticed on the Planner Flow options, there is no way to update a Tasks attachments. I was wanting to create a full Task from Outlook, but it was missing the ability to attach a file from an Outlook email. The ability to add Planner attachments into the Flow process would be very helpful.

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We work with such workaround. However, the links in the description box are not clickable. Plus, if you move or rename the file on SharePoint the link is broken.

I wish we had the feature in flow to attach files to a planner tasks so that other team members can work with those attachments..
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we ended up improving this solution


-we store the files in a shared doc lib in a Group site, all Task plan members have access to that doc lib

-we group them together in a folder, that folder has the same name as the Task (with special chars removed)


that way we have an url that never changes and is easy to remember/copy

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Similar here,

I want to add a link to a file in sharepoint to the task. Which is basically adding an attachement.

Would be great 🙂

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Really need this feature too. Want to link tasks to sharepoint list or documents in onedrive.

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Thanks for workaround idea.


I'd also like this funtionality added please.

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Microsoft just updated the Planner-Update Task flow.

Use that!  Not sure how to add photos in here but here is a link of it


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I would really like to see improvements to be able to create a Planner task directly from Outlook with the e-mail as an attachement. Saving e-mails to a group site or other area is time consuming and a waste of space that would eventually need to be archived or cleaned up. 


I've managed to create a task through Flow but it doesn't permit to add anything to the Planner task except for a header. The options are limited when it comes to a Planner connector action. 


Being able to select an e-mail and create a task from it directly in Outlook would be a great addition as well as having more options in the Planner connector in Flow (which seems to be limited to header and dates) 


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Our company also needs that kind of feature because we wan't to get the attachment from a mail

and add it to a Task.


Any News?



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I have a flow where I flag an email in outlook and want it to create an item in planner and include all attachments from the email also.
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Any plans to get this functiontality working? Would really appreciate it!