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Planner attach document from Outlook email

I noticed on the Planner Flow options, there is no way to update a Tasks attachments. I was wanting to create a full Task from Outlook, but it was missing the ability to attach a file from an Outlook email. The ability to add Planner attachments into the Flow process would be very helpful.

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Hi all.

Here is a recent community blog that should help most of you out, if not all of you.

It doesn't bring the functionality natively to create task, but you will be able to "attach document from Outlook email" as @KeatonTucker had initially requested.


Hope it helps!

Thanks, Alan

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Need this

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We're close to returning to Trello without this feature being OOTB.

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We would also be very happy if this feature would be included into flow.

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You can currently add a link but not the actual file.  I would like to be able to attach the actual file.

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How is auto-attaching a file in a simple way not resolved yet. This thread is several years old! Come on Microsoft... 

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100% what@SarahM10 said.
Can Outlook please have a button to create a Planner task like Teams does already?