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Planner attach document from Outlook email

I noticed on the Planner Flow options, there is no way to update a Tasks attachments. I was wanting to create a full Task from Outlook, but it was missing the ability to attach a file from an Outlook email. The ability to add Planner attachments into the Flow process would be very helpful.

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I need this so I can include work orders into the task. This way the task contains everything that I need... ability to comment, attach orginal and signed work order and then mark it complete. The Planner needs a few triggers though for this to all work. But I have way to many work orders to keep track of them and putting more work on someone else to track is not something that works weel.

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I also need this

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I also need this function

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This is SO needed! 

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It would be great to be able to flag the email and attach the email as an attachment!

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I miss the ability to add attachments to a task in Planner.


I've got a working flow for creating Planner tasks from e-mail, but any attachments are missed.

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I agree.  This would great help us as well.

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you can work around with these actions

>loop through the attachments with an apply to each then for each attachment

>save the attachment to onedrive or sharepoint

>create shared link to it

>append weburl to an array after the loop

>join all web urls with some separator into a string

>include the string in you planner task description with Planner action Update task Details


it's not ideal, since Planner tasks doesn't support html (yet) so the links are not clickable but it works



the reason attachments cannot be added is simply because it is not yet included in the REST API of Planner


 update: now the Flow API supports hyperlinks (aka References), so you can use that for adding references to the files

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Wish I could give you points for a work around!


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@ch2017 Thank you for the work around, I will give it a try!