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Planner attach document from Outlook email

I noticed on the Planner Flow options, there is no way to update a Tasks attachments. I was wanting to create a full Task from Outlook, but it was missing the ability to attach a file from an Outlook email. The ability to add Planner attachments into the Flow process would be very helpful.

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We use tasks as an internal support system. Some of the emails that trigger a task creation contain attachments, so it would be mega useful for us too

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This is something we would wish to see as well.

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@Anonymous Team,


This is something much needed functionality. Wondering its still not available for users. Appreciate if you can provide a quick update on this. thank you!

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is there currently any improvement? It would be highly appreciated. 

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we are also very interessted in such a feature.. it should be also possible to create tasks from emails which have been send to a group.. this would be really awsome

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Why wouldn't this be a core action in flow with Planner? You could use the function ChecklistItemcount > 0 and then just reference the data pool for the checklist and format accordingly.......i think that this fix is very possible just need a little TLC from the devs on Flow

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I really want them to be able to attach more links/attachments to the tasks they are completing (20 instead of stopping at 9)

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This is desperately needed for us too. We are trying to move to managing everything in 365 but without this, Jira stays.

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This seems like a huge hole in the ability to interact with planner tasks via flow. The flow block that allows updating and creating tasks, doesn't allow me to pick the attachment collection from the email block and attach it to the task. Even though I can do that manually in Planner via the UI so the API supports it.


Seems like a simple update to the planner update task details block? Maybe put the code up on Github and allow one of the community to do it?

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Agree to all of the above - I'm new to planner and soooo want it to be valuable to my and my teams (infact the whole organisations) workflows. Not being able to include email attachments to tasks that are generated is a real bummer! These comments go back over a year and a half, surely the evidence is clear?!