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Planner create task

Need to include when creating a task from an outlook email the ability to add the body of the email into the description.  

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I was able to use the HTML to text built in action to resolve this issue

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@RobMichaels - can you please share more details on the solution built into Flow?  Thanks!

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@JohnEarl  Sure, within the flow there is a built in function called "HTML to Text".  Once that is added to the flow you can choose which part of the email for it to convert (nominally you would choose the body of the email).  Then when assembling the rest of your flow you would choose the output from the HTML text rather than  the body of the email to be displayed.  For instance, if you have an email creating a new sharepoint item you would select the output from the html to text to represent the description or body of the email rather than selecting the connector of "Body" from the email itself.  I have attached a screenshot to show what it should look like.

4-15-2019 8-22-43 AM.jpg