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Planner -flow trigger When a task is update

There seems to be no facilitiy to choose in Flow triggers  for planner - "when a task is updated"

This is really  basic as there is no way to look for changes easly

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It does seem rather silly to have create and complete but no update trigger.  Or a change bucket trigger.  Or change status trigger.  This would be huge to allow planner to sync status info with other CRM packages that are inefficient at managing small projects (NetSuite comes to mind).  

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Agreed - Right now, it seems that I can better interoperate b/t Trello and Microsoft (MS) products than Planner and MS products. Until Flow or whatever provides better options for this, Planner can't be part of our planning. (Would also like to see Flow's interface be less mechanistic and more humanistic - especially when bringing in large groups of fields, like when connecting up planner tasks to SharePoint, Excel or wherever else.)

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A work around would be to set a recurrence in Flow to update the Planner Tasks every certain period of time

Hope this help

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But that'd require a trigger such as "when task is updated" as well. It only changes the trigger conditions (every minute instead of after adding a task to Planner). Am I wrong?

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yep when a task is updated would be required and currently I don't think there is one.

Its just for a status report once a week to identify notes that have been added. Could run off a change date rather than an update task

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This would be a brilliant idea! Instead of pushing email push IM

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Yes, need this to run flow for daily status update.  With many tasks assignments, I would like to confirm which items have had activity in the last XX day.  This will allow some "daily activity report".  

This requires a "last update" value for each task.

Sharepoint list items have this function, so it is surprising that tasks do not.