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Planner: get more details from a task in planner (e.g. Comments, assigned To, Label, Attachments, ..

Currently the Action "Get Task Details" only returns the Task Title and Description. It would be very useful if more information can be retrieved via the Task Details action (e.g. Comments, Assigned To, Label, Attachment, Dates, Checklist). I'm thinking of scenarios like creating a SharePoint Item or Excel line based on the information after task completion (and Approval).

Status: New
Level: Powered On

And... I just went through the whole process of developing a custom connector to get the Planner Task Conversation threads for my PowerApp only to find that in order to actually use the connector we have to upgrade our PowerApp licence to Plan1. As a school on Education License A3, that means tripling our per user per month costs! Just to get data that should be provided via the standard connector. 


So, so, disappointed. I just wasted days of work. 😞


Edit 1: Hmmm... maybe not. PowerApps message might have been misleading. I am testing now whether a test app utilising the custom connector will work under our current licence. I will report back but if anyone who know could add any info about this that would be great.


Edit 2: Actually, now I get it. My custom connector works only because we are on a PowerApps trial.


So, here is the deal (or scam, depending on how you look at it). Office 365 licenses allow you to use the standard connectors in PowerApps. However, those standard connectors are deficient, probably intentionally, in my view.


e.g 1: with a call to MsGraph for a task description record you can get the description, the checkboxes, etc 

However for the standard connector that does the same call under the hood, you can only get the description: 

What could be the technical reason for that? I cannot think of one.


eg 2: As far as I can find, there is no way to get the conversations (comments) on a task with the standard connectors but of course you can using a custom connector via MsGraph, once you pay the fee:{groupid}/threads/{threadId or conversationThreadId}/posts 


As far as I can tell from the confusing PowerApps licensing information, the price of the PowerApp Licence that will enable us to get our own data back will triple our monthly costs. Microsoft could easily return the extra fields and add the required rest end points so the standard connectors could return all the data one can get via MsGraph, but they choose not to, it seems.


So, I am stopping my development because I have no way to get our data back without paying ridiculous money. And the reason I needed that in the first place was to plug functional deficiencies in MsPlanner that mean we cannot do such simple things as search for a task by name. I would love to be shown I am wrong so I can get our data back in a useful form, so if I have missed something please let me know.


So disappointing that a company with the monopoly and resources behaves this way.



a VERY unhappy Microsoft customer.