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Planner: get more details from a task in planner (e.g. Comments, assigned To, Label, Attachments, ..

Currently the Action "Get Task Details" only returns the Task Title and Description. It would be very useful if more information can be retrieved via the Task Details action (e.g. Comments, Assigned To, Label, Attachment, Dates, Checklist). I'm thinking of scenarios like creating a SharePoint Item or Excel line based on the information after task completion (and Approval).

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Labels, Assigned To, Dates, and the Checklist are all things that you can already access with some creativity. We have flows that build reports based on what currently has a specific label and it shows who that task is assigned to with the due date, created date and completed date. The only thing that isn't accessible as far as I can tell is the comments. They're not handled by planner. If other's would like to know, post here and I'll provide the solution. 

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How do you access the assigned to in a usable format within flow?

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It's not Ideal but you can access the first assignee. The method is outlined here:

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@JoshL, thanks for the feedback. Can you explain how to access the labels and dates in a usable format within flow?

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Similar to how you read the assignments. You just need to access ['appliedCategories'] which are what Planner calls labels. Each label is then called "Category1", "Category2" etc. If you look at the JSON that the get task action pulls in you'll see them.


Now I think, but don't take my word for this, that the categories are named according to their position in planner. It is for us. Your mileage may vary. 



So to check for the testing label I use this:


@contains(string(items('Apply_to_each_2')?['appliedCategories']), 'category1')

You don't need to access the label. You just need to check for it. That way you can filter however you want. 


I use this to build a table a table of all tasks that have the testing label. It contains the task title, bucket, assignee, and due date. The due date, completed date, start date, and created date are all accessible as dynamic content.