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Please Create the Triger: When a response to a Customer Voice survey is completed

My idea is the most obvious and simple for me, and I think that for many users who also use Forms:

I was surprised to see that Power Automate doesn't have the most obvious trigger that a survey tool should have, just like Forms:


When a response to a Customer Voice survey is completed


If this is not possible, please, somebody tell me how I can send an email to someone in the company when the answer to a question in the form gets a certain value.
For example, if a customer enters a low satisfaction value, or an operator registers a very low value for the existence of a product at the point of sale.

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New Member

Please enable the same triggers that Ms Forms has.


While you decide which triggers to develop, you can enable the same ones that Ms Forms has.


The only way I can see to decide to move all my surveys to Customer Voice is to be able to use Power Automate flows in Customer Voice forms.


This implies being able to visualize the same triggers in both Forms and Customer Voice.