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Please Get Rid of Advertisement "(name) used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification" when using Flow to Post a Message on Teams

Please remove the advertisement "(name) used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification" when using Flow to Post a Message on Teams.  It is very distracting.

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Preaching to the converted is "dumb" at any time and in any situation.


What point is a WYSIWYG type programming methodology when you do not have granular control. Not sure how others out there run their business, but we have an IT Tech department, ONLY the tech's write flows/apps and manage IT.


Blatant advertising is stupid, as every user of the services have Microsoft licenses, and administration controls which user can use what. At the very least, their should be granular control, so for instance if administration/Tech department requires to put specific information or notification in that footer, equally as much as removing information from the footer.


Awesome to have a pre-set footer, but everything requires that granular control, even if there is a default, so those that like the footer the way it is have exactly what they need without trying to work out "how" to put the information in, but those that either need specific information inserted or the removal of the footer completely, can likewise do so.


In large businesses, most standard users do not give a toss how an automated message got to them, after all, in an email through Microsoft Outlook, we do have header information of the servers each email traverses to get to the reader, but it is in a hidden section behind the scenes. Tech's use that all the time. But the standard/end user does not see in his email a list of every server the email went through and all the other information that is contained in a header. Nor would they want to. And those that are interested, the ones who eventually become future tech's/programmers or simply have a curiosity, well they do poke around and see all the additional information. Preaching to the converted has never been considered an intelligent method of advertising, and historically, it has usually harmed business far more than it has helped.


I see both sides, the positive and the negative, for having the information in the footer, depending on the needs and requirements of the business using it. We all have different needs. Granular control allows for any change, based on what each individual business/programmer needs to achieve.