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Please Get Rid of Advertisement "(name) used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification" when using Flow to Post a Message on Teams

Please remove the advertisement "(name) used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification" when using Flow to Post a Message on Teams.  It is very distracting.

Status: New
Level: Power Up

+1 it looks ugly and cluttered. Looking for other alternatives at the moment, because this just adds a ton of noise. I'd be fine with a short link on the footer (near the reply/collapse area), but this is almost unusable.

Level: Power Up

To the people saying "I disagree with this" -- at the very least Microsoft could make this an opt-out setting. No need to force this functionality on everyone. We're using Flow to pass on SMS codes for Multi-Factor Authentication to a dedicated Teams channel, so the constant spamming really clutters up the channel.

Level: Powered On

To echo the thoughts of others; I'd really like to see this reviewed or better still removed.


It adds clutter and confuses users into thinking it's part of the message being communicated to them, they then go off to flow/power automate and start playing with things they arguably shouldn't (not trying to stifle creativity but the reality is I don't want to be advertising flow to employees off the back of an entirely unrelated message.).


I get that it identifies the user sending the message but either this could be done in a far more discreet way or perhaps better still the connector in flow/logic apps could allow private messages to be sent as the account the connector is running under vs a generic "Flow" account? This can be done already with several connectors and I think would be far more desirable anyway. For example, "send an email" sends the email as the account setting up the flow/connector, it doesn't send emails out as "Flow".