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Please Get Rid of Advertisement "(name) used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification" when using Flow to Post a Message on Teams

Please remove the advertisement "(name) used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification" when using Flow to Post a Message on Teams.  It is very distracting.

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+1 .. this messing should be suppressed, and there be some way of determining the Logic App that sent it. 

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This would be slightly less unpalatable if it said where it came from instead of who sent it.

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+1 I have been sending notifications from my own account and avoiding the use of Flow bot for a year now because of this. Just provide us with a simple opt-out, please.

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OMG, the division of Microsoft for the Power Platform claims to be listening to the user community and ready to hear any concerns.  This legitimate concern has been raised for a year+ now and yet nothing has changed. 


Either Microsoft Power has their own malicious reasons for keeping it so, or the concern is not reaching the right entity. Lets assume the latter and if anyone has information on exactly where this complaint should be lodged, please share.


I agree with a previous poster that it almost makes the solution unusable for posting because its so messy.  There is also even more advertising in the footer of eMail notifications with links to App Stores etc.  We want to use Flow to maintain a KB and sudo ToDo channel, but it looks so messy to see the tag advertisement on every post. 🤕

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+1 Would love to get rid of this pointless self advertising. No-one else in the company needs to or wants to know how to set up there own flows.


To anyone reading this, I have found this as a solution for posting as a flow bot.

End your message with 

<span style="display: none">

 and then this will not show the message we all want gone!

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Since i originated this request i feel some responsibility to admit that my views of the flow source notation have changed over time.  When it was just lil ol me, and i was seeing just my own name there i took particular offense.  However, over time as i trained up some other people to use PA and then i seen there flows sent to me i had a change of heart.  First i was welling up with pride that these other people got going in PA so i was like this is a good sign.  Then seeing other peoples names and seeing what they were doing the Flow attribution started to make a lot more sense.  Admittedly it would be nice to have some control over this attribution feature but i have developed a comfort level with the rationale and usefulness of the attributions.  

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@Phil4  how are you the originator of this request when it shows @GoBlueByrd above as OP?


Regarding your change of heart, you are entitled to your opinion. In my opinion, there is no good reason to have this branding appear the way it does and even the reason you give, only seems like a "feel good" moment.  I haven't heard one meaningful argument as to the merits of this branding.  Anyone who needs to know how posts got made in a team channel can inquire with the channel owner via the channel properties. 

As others have mentioned, it is a messy thing and in a world where minimalistic /clean design rules, it does not fit.  I ended up making posts originate from my ID to avoid it, which also gives me some capability to edit mistakes in the channel post. 

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Is this honestly still a thing?

Keep the "Username used Power Automate to send this notification"...make it smaller, italics and get rid of the "Learn more" like what...

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A fairly old thread but I have to join the camp of Keeping the username ID (although hiding it behind a + would be good) but the blatant advertising with the Learn More bit should definately go. This is causing us all sorts of grief.



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I can see both points of view. I suggest a checkbox as an "advanced option" to allow a choice and have it on by default.


When on, the message should be significantly more terse and without the "Learn More" advert. (e.g., "Sent by <user> via Power Automate")