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Please Get Rid of Advertisement "(name) used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification" when using Flow to Post a Message on Teams

Please remove the advertisement "(name) used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification" when using Flow to Post a Message on Teams.  It is very distracting.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

+1, we would like this connector to be white-label, it is distracting and unnecessary for Flow to self-promote in the messages it posts. 


Would also like this when posting to channel, not just when sending message.



Level 8

I don't agree with this - if a user unintentionally created a broken Flow that is now spamming teams, and you don't know where it's coming from, isn't that worse?


Level: Powered On

@spg-john-liu agree that would be worse, but even in the current state, there isn't direct action anyone can take - this self-promo footer doesn't include a link to the flow that created it, only the user who owns that Flow.


Maybe a link to the Flow that generated it in the footer, instead of the "(name) used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification"? 

Level: Powered On

I agree that a short message providing traceability to the originating Flow would be good practice in case of 'spamming' but an advertisement to learn more about Flow is inappropriate for recipients.

Level: Powered On

I like this feature.  I think it is good.  and i think its furhter benificial to expose people to the flow and the possibilites.  I see the downside as very minimial.  Lets suppose a few people learned of flow that did not already know of it.  What is bad about people learning that you use the microsoft generic workflow engine to send notifications?  


But, other people in my organizatin have balked at this prominent branding by microsoft.  And they see Flow as universally adjustable and so they have the expecation that this must be an option that can be turned off or taken out of the code.