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Please Make a - Wait for document unlock - or - release document lock - action

I have several flows that try to update properties on documents in given sites. Often users leave the document open, so Power Automate can't update the properties. 


I would love a - Release lock - action.

If that's not possible, a wait for document unlock release would be amazing. 


I believe there used to be this action in the old SPD 2010 WF's (RIP), and it was very handy.  I know there is a workaround with the do until loop and variables, but that's just extra code and frankly a bit clunky when you have to repeat it several times in the same flow. 

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It would also be super helpful to have a way to check a file for an existing lock so we can handle this case directly in the flow rather than with error handling after the fact. And if the check can return the user who has the file locked, then it would be easy to send out a request to release the file. Thanks.