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Please add Power Automate Desktop to the Microsoft Store

I can download Power Automate Desktop from -

but i can't download Power Automate Desktop from the Microsoft Store to my Win10-computer.

I would prefer to get Power Automate Desktop from the Microsoft Store, since updating is easier (among other benefits).

Please add Power Automate Desktop to the Microsoft Store!

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Agree. We don't have Admin rights on our intune PCs and when then trying to run under the context of the localadmin account, the setup application does not start. Can't even run it as a different user under the day-to-day profile (example, run as administrator) 

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This is a no-brainer, as Power BI Desktop and Power Apps desktop are both available on Store.

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Actually the issue for us was that as we have a 'corporate store' on our Intune PCs, we can not just search the Microsoft Store and then download the app. We have to publish the Microsoft Store Apps inside the Corporate Store. Once this is done, and depending on deployment type, the app is available for install manually or forced to the PC/Devices automatically.


In our case, we did not have rights to publish apps via Intune, but the PowerBI app was published by the authorised team and it's solved.


Power Automate for desktop – December 2021 update

Power Automate for desktop availability in Windows 10 store

From this release on, Windows 10 users (minimum version 17763) will be able to download the desktop app from the Microsoft Store

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=> this idea can be closed!