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Please can we have a Flow recycle bin!

It is really easy to accidently delete a flow. Why no bin? There's bin's everywhere else in O365

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or archive the Flow until you want to re use it, will make your list of flows smaller, wich then can be automatically turned off once moved to archive

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I agree I've crafted a flow over several weeks and am worried I might accidently delete a chuck of it and not be able to get it back.


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I am using the newly added clipboard feature as my recycle bin right now.


When I made a mistake, I went looking for the prior versions of my flow, so I could rollback to the last good version. I assumed this would be a given, as with any other modern enterprise tool.

As you can guess, I didn't find anything close - no undo, no recycle bin, no versions. I finally found that it is also one of the "Ideas" here. Turns out that customers need to give them this idea, they couldn't come up with Versioning on their own. Even though PowerApps already has it.


So please also vote on this feature as well : Version Control