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Please create a connector for Skype for Business / Skype for Businesss Online

I would like to be able to create flows that will change a user's presence, send messages, and sign-in and out of response groups in Skype for Business based on location or other events.

Status: Completed

You can now connect to Skype for Business, read more about it here:

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I would like to configure a text message / or email when someone status changes on Skype for Business.

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Skype for Business availibity changes should be able to trigger actions
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Excelent idea. Just think of the potential!

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Very good idea. I fully agree!

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Would also like to automatically create and cancel meetings. I'm using the O365 Bookings app to let customers schedule time, but I still need to create the Skype for Business meeting manually.  Would be great to use Flow for creating/updating/cancelling a Skype for Business meeting when a customer uses the Bookings app to create a new meeting request.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned

Skype for Business support is something we're planning on, unfortunately, we cannot provide an ETA at this time because there is no public Skype REST API. We are working with the Skype team to get exposing REST APIs booked so we can light it up in Flow. Thank you!

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I would like to be able to send notifications and possibly even approval requests from flow to Skype for Business.

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I would like a GPS trigger that would change my Skype for Business status when moving in and out of an area

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Even launching an IM chat from powerapps would be immensely helpful - Skype-for-web via Launch function?  (needs to be ready on Android though...)

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Considering how Skype for Business is core in O365 I cant believe that there is still no Skype connector, 10 months since this was first posted and it was on the roadmap then.  Come on folks.