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Please create a connector for Skype for Business / Skype for Businesss Online

I would like to be able to create flows that will change a user's presence, send messages, and sign-in and out of response groups in Skype for Business based on location or other events.

Status: Completed

You can now connect to Skype for Business, read more about it here:

Level: Powered On

I would like to configure a text message / or email when someone status changes on Skype for Business.

Level: Power Up
Skype for Business availibity changes should be able to trigger actions
Level: Powered On

Excelent idea. Just think of the potential!

Level: Powered On

Very good idea. I fully agree!

Level: Power Up

Would also like to automatically create and cancel meetings. I'm using the O365 Bookings app to let customers schedule time, but I still need to create the Skype for Business meeting manually.  Would be great to use Flow for creating/updating/cancelling a Skype for Business meeting when a customer uses the Bookings app to create a new meeting request.