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Please don't forget to add "Is HTML?" to "Send an email (v2)" new action

I understand that "Send an email (v2)" is in its Preview state. It looks promising for the most part.


However, my concern is it already doesn't have "Is HTML?" option. Please don't forget to add/keep it. I've used a "keep" word because the current version of "Send an email" does have it.


PS. My guess, eventually every new version of any action replaces the old one.

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@bloodoff The email body is automatically in HTML. When you click in the Body, there is a </> button under the formatting toolbar that toggles between Code View and HTML view. I use this to add "English" text to the Link to Item and horizontal rules. 

I insert "Link to item" in the Body from Dynamic content. Then I toggle into Code View and format the link, something like this:

<a href="LINKTOITEM ICON"">View item</a>

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@whitelc I believe it didn't have that option back then (it was in a preview mode) but now it does. Still missing Send As functionality I believe.

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Yep, still missing. And Send An Email from a Shared Mailbox doesn't work for us. Sigh.