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Please improve [Desktop flow runs] to make it easier to check.

In [Desktop flow runs], please make it possible to check how many steps each action is in the Power Automate Desktop flow editing screen.


From [Desktop flow runs], you can check the history and execution results of the desktop flows that have been executed.
However, the information that can be confirmed is the action name, date and time, and the result, and it is not possible to confirm the step number of each action.

For example, in a flow that requires repeating the same action, if you cannot see how many steps each action is, it is difficult to identify the action that caused the error in the actual Power Automate Desktop flow editor.


It would be very user-friendly for all users to be able to see how many steps each action is in "Desktop flow runs", so we recommend that this feature be improved immediately.

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me too

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Adding action number and subflow name to it will be quite helpful.