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Please let us Create Document Set that are based on a content type

If this was done already then discard.

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I'd like the ability to create a new document set in SharePoint online when a new Account is created in CRM Online.

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From any previous trigger it would be very useful to create a document set from a template. currently we need to drop out of flow and use Nintex to complete this part of the workflow.. Please Please Please add this soon

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Would love to be able to utilize triggers and actions on SharePoint Document Sets

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Is there any other way to do this?

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This should be doable out of the box. Why is this so difficult?

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... always 10 feet shy of the finish line.

Helper V
You can create, copy or move SharePoint document sets in Microsoft Flow with the help of Plumsail Actions.
It is a third-party product that provides Plumsail SP connector that has a set of actions for SharePoint management, including copy, move document sets.
There are a few actions for this:
Copying of a document set is described in this article.
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Sharepoint 2010 workflows seem to be the only way to create a Document Set automatically (SharePoint 2013 workflows CANNOT create Document Sets - they pretend to, but actually create broken folders with an incorrect Content Type).


Given that Flow also cannot initiate SharePoint workflows (wth not, given there's clearly things that SharePoint workflows can do that Flow can't?) there is, I think, a dirty hack that can fill the gap.


  1. Create a SharePoint list that contains the columns that you need to pass to the new Document Set.
  2. Create a SharePoint 2010 workflow that triggers on the creation of a new item in that SharePoint list.  On creation of an item, configure that workflow to create the Document Set with all the attributes set in that list item.
  3. Configure your Flow to create the requisite item in that SharePoint list (which will then trigger the SharePoint 2010 workflow which will then create your SharePoint document set).

Seems to be a pretty yucky but no reason to think it shouldn't do the trick.

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With Documents sets being rolled out in Modern this is coming more urgent. 


Other ways I have seen this done is with use of the HTTP connector which is now payable. 


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Microsoft, Please modernize faster. Basic functionality like document set content types have been in the SharePoint product for many years... I don't understand why Flow cannot create Doc Set content types in SharePoint Online. This is needed...really.